Hot Sheet: Of Muppets, Mice, and Men

Our Divergent list of top 10 entertainment and events highlights this week includes Theo James, Boy George, Kylie, and Elton.



9. THEATER: Doctor Anonymous
Psychiatrist-playwright Guy Fredrick Glass’s new play delves into the bad old days when homosexuality was considered a mental illness. It’s set in Philadelphia in 1972, and portrays a psychiatrist coming to terms with being gay, while a straight doctor is trying to turn him heterosexual. Meanwhile, the gay doc falls in love with an activist, against the backdrop of the city’s mayoral race, with police chief Frank Rizzo, known for his raids on gay bars, seeking Philly’s top political office. The play is inspired by the bold action of John E. Fryer, who, wearing a mask and using a voice-distorting microphone, stood up at the American Psychiatric Association’s 1972 convention and declared himself gay, helping push the association to remove homosexuality from its list of mental disorders. Doctor Anonymous has its world premiere at Los Angeles’s Zephyr Theatre, with performances beginning Thursday and continuing through May 4. Tickets and more info here. — Trudy Ring

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