Hot Sheet: Demi-Vicious Pride

Our top 10 entertainment and events highlights this week include delicious Demi Lovato, ferocious N.Y. and S.F. Pride, and most Vicious Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi.



4.  FILM: What’s The T?
Directed by Cecilio Asuncion, What’s the T? is a documentary on the lives of five transgender women in a metropolitan area: Cassandra Cass, Rakash Armani, Nya Ampon, Vi Le, and Mia tu Mutch. Through a series of conversations, Asuncion has created an “introduction to the uninitiated” on trans issues, shining a spotlight on not only the challenges but also the joys that come with being true to oneself. What’s the T? premiered on Hulu Plus this week. Watch the trailer below. — Daniel Reynolds