Four LGBT Projects You Could Give Money To This Month

Thanks to Kickstarter and IndieaGoGo, there is never a shortage of worthy LGBT projects seeking money. Here are a few we deem worthy this week.




FILM: The Shotgun Waltz

Lead by a group of New Orleans filmmakers, The Shotgun Waltz paints an authentic portrait of the Big Easy through music, narrative, and visual cinema.

Told through the eyes of a bicycle delivery boy on the search for his missing sister, audiences will watch as he speeds through the dark streets, meeting all sorts of characters with different agendas, including Luna (played by Vockah Redu), a beautiful transgender woman who acts as the protagonist's fairy Godmother, guiding him to his ultimate fate. Another memorable character is Grace, a fortune teller who" is gender-ambiguous and represents him/herself as such, not through physical transformation, but by essence of being."

Led by producer/writer/director, Ji Un Choi; director of music, Roland Guerin; and producers Milo Daemgen, Lexxi Broussard, Amanda Weir, and Christina Wollenberg, The Shotgun Waltz promises to capture the essence of psychological storytelling.

Click here to check out their Kickstarter campaign and watch the video below.