Make Him a Supermodel

Make Me a Supermodel 's construction worker-turned-model Jonathan Waud is vying for the grand prize on Bravo's hit model face-off -- and with any luck, he has it in the bag.




Now on the show there were only two gay contestants-

That seemed unrealistic to me. Only two out of 16? I know the
industry, and I don't think that's representative.

You have gays in your life?

My friends and loved ones are about 50-50 [gay and straight]. I
own a construction company and 70%-80% of my clients are gay.
I'm more inclined to hang with gays in my daily life. The
show certainly didn't represent my life or situation.

You're a hot guy who's straight and married with a son,
but you know, as a male model, that men will mostly be looking
at you.

As a model, my job is to sell a product. Because of the show,
I've gotten hooked up with 2(x)ist and I've done a
calendar shoot for them and hope to work with them more in the
future. I made very good friends with Shawn [fellow contestant]
and I've met his husband, and they have stayed with me in
L.A. This industry is better left in the hands of the gays. If
we only had straight designers the clothes wouldn't be as
good, the photos wouldn't be as good. I've worked with
female photographers and female makeup artists and the shoots
just weren't as good. Gay photographers really know how to
push me and bring out a deeper side. Emotions versus just

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