Crystal Chappell Says Goodbye to Otalia

Crystal Chappell heads back to Days of our Lives , leaving gay soap fans saddened that it's Light s out for daytime's same-sex super couple Otalia.




We have never seen such excitement and buzz about someone going back to a soap role that made them famous. It was the most interesting week, because fans love you as Carly and yet they are going through the devastation over losing Olivia at the same time. I am going through the same thing. I am laughing and crying. I just need a break. I told my husband, I am acting like a lunatic, man.

How has your husband reacted to your decision to go to Days ? He pretty much let's me make my own decisions about things. As you know, we have two small children and obviously I have to think about them. I am the one who works in my family. I am so fortunate that I have another job to go to and one that I am prepared to enjoy. I had a really good time at Days last time. My husband had been talking to me about the character of Carly and I went, I don't know who this character is anymore . After two Bo's [Robert Kelker Kelly and Peter Reckell] and so many years, it's going to be an adjustment. I am back to Peter Reckell now, but I said, what I like about Olivia is she can be very brassy and I like her sense of humor. She can be more of a wild spirit. So, I am going to try to infuse those qualities into the character, as Michael calls it, "Carly 2.0", because Carly the first time around was very reserved. I have every intention of making her a lot more fun. It's an interesting challenge. I am happy to have it.

When you told every one of your cast mates at Guiding Light , what did they say? They all said the same thing, Good for you. You deserve it. I cannot explain how close we are as a group, and how much that they meant to me. I would say the same thing to any of them. We all deserve it. We have done everything we could as a group, and worked really hard for the past year and a half and are proud of what we accomplished. It was lovely, really lovely, but it made me sadder.

Were you at all hesitant for the news to come out last week because of the knee-jerk reaction it might cause? On the one hand, I was happy for it to come out. I knew about it for a few days, and I don't like keeping a secret. I am excited about it and that the truth made me realize there is going to be a last date of taping, and we don't want to go there. We want to party and live in our own little world.

Had you gotten any special e-mails from lesbian or same-sex couples along your journey? Absolutely! I had gotten along the way, women all over the world who have reached out to me, and it's been extraordinary, and it adds to the sadness of it all. Oh my God, I would love to continue this, are you kidding me? Especially since I see how much it has meant to them. People write to me about their journey, and are so open with me and open to sharing so much with me. It's been one of the most exciting experiences I have had in my career, and all due to people's willingness to talk to me. Yes, they have been grateful and lovely. When you have that many people telling you that you look good in jeans, I don't want to take my denims off, ever! [ Laughs ]

Dr. Carly has to wear jeans now! Yeah!

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