Miami Vice

What's a gay celebrity journalist turned Huffington Post blogger to do when he's looking for love and a way to plug his new business venture? Join the cast of a new reality show on Bravo, of course.




I didn't remember you being at a charity. The show makes it out like you're throwing a lavish birthday party for yourself.Did it look great?

I mean, it looks good. It looks fun. Of course I kept asking myself, What do these people do for a living? They seem to never be working.We all are. There's a lot of work behind the scenes. But do you really want to sit and watch me, like, go crazy at my computer? I mean, that's not sexy.

I suppose the point of the show is we want to see you party.Exactly.

Well then, what exciting things should we be looking forward to this season? Any romantic drama?With me, no. You know, when you hear me say in the preview "I'm pathetically single," it kinda stays that way. I just work. I'm 30-something. I'm single. I'm looking for love.

Well maybe, you know, when the show airs, you'll get some action.Everyone's like, "This show is definitely going to get you laid." I hope so.

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