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John Driscoll on his new role, gay soap journos launch podcast, Daytime Emmy news, Kish's kiss, update on Crystal Chappell's Venice, Daniel Goddard gets the Adonis heave-ho, and more ...




Layla tries to mend fences with Fish, assuring him she doesn't think he's gay. Cristian overhears, emerges in time to see Fish kissing Layla goodbye. Once Fish is gone, Cristian asks Layla if the secret Fish's friend Kyle alluded to is that Fish is gay. Meanwhile, Kyle commiserates with Roxy,and we find out more about Fish. When Fish hears from Roxy that Kyle confided in her re their college "affair," he flips and confronts Kyle. Kyle kisses Fish, and someone witnesses.

Tweet, Tweet, Tweet ... Crystal Chappell Brings More News on Venice !

As we reported last column, Crystal Chappell is in the middle of casting her Web series Venice, coming in the fall entitled After exciting all gay fans with the news that Jessica Leccia was on board, Chappell announced today that Guiding Light 's Emmy-winning Jordan Clarke (Billy) will to play Gina's father, the colonel. Add to that the news that pal Hillary B. Smith (Nora, OLTL ) was jumping on the bandwagon to play Guya, and it's looking like daytime could be finding a great way to utilize its star-power on the Web! Here is what we learned through tweets this week between Smith and Chappell.

"You'll find Guya sharing knowledge of life experience to folks in Venice. You'll also see Hillary's amazing comedic chops. Guya was born with silver spoon in her mouth, then spoon went to the nose, and then she married for love, traded in for younger model, and has found most men obsolete but fascinating. She's changed her name from Jane to Guya and now offers love and crystals in Venice Beach. She's there to guide. Guya is Gina's aunt. She'll cut through the bullshit."

Otalia ... Is a Kiss Too Much to Ask For?

Lana Nieves has written a wonderful new blog post about Otalia and why it is important for Olivia and Natalia to share a real, passionate kiss before the light flickers out on September 18 -- the finale of Guiding Light.

"That thing in January was cute, but it wasn't a kiss. Not really. It doesn't count. Any lip lock that ends in one person yelling in fear, 'WHY? Why did you do that?!?!' does not count as a real kiss!"

You tell 'em, Lana!

Otalia Recap: This Week

Rick gave Olivia's heart a checkup. He questioned Olivia on her excessive drinking and told her she's jeopardizing her health. Olivia drank with the guys at Shayne's bachelor party. She danced with Josh, and Reva took her home. Olivia admitted to Ava that she and Natalia fell in love. Olivia explained that Natalia left because it was too much for her. Ava is happy that Olivia has found someone to love and believes that Natalia loves her just as much in return.

Next Week's Preview

The story line takes a backseat as the show focuses on advancing some of there other major stories and it heads towards the grand finale. But stay tuned. There is more to Otalia's story coming very soon!

Days Casting News: Louise Sorel, Michael Sabbatino Back!

Dare I call her the Auntie Mame of the soap world? Well, not exactly, since last time around dear Vivian Alamain buried Dr. Carly Manning alive!


Now Days is banking on bringing Crystal Chappell and Sorel back together, so soap fans can relish their feud all over again. Sorel starts in September. Make sure to come back in two weeks to Soapside for my conversation with the wacky and wonderful Sorel.

In perhaps the tweet heard around the soap world late this afternoon, Crystal Chappell through Twitter let soap fans know that her real-life hubby, Michael Sabatino is returning to DAYS as Lawrence Alamain. Chappell says: "Michael will indeed pop up on DOOL. Carly 2.0 is not Bo/Carly redux. It's not what most would think. Watch!"

With Sorel, Sabatino, and Chappell back in Salem, looks like the gang is all here!

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