Antonio Sabato Jr.: Antonio, Party of One

Single ladies compete to come between former Advocate cover boy Antonio Sabato Jr. and his Calvins in VH1's new reality series My Antonio.




What if one of the competitors told you that she was into girls as well as guys?
As a heterosexual man, I'd be into it if it was me just dating girls, going out, and having sex. That would be one thing. But with a woman I want to meet my kids, live in my house, and have a life with, I think a third person would make it too distracting. There's nothing wrong with sex, but that's not what this show is about.

Quite a few of the women on your show have, shall we say, extra-ample endowments. How do you feel about fake breasts?
A lot of women are getting stuff done just because they want to get noticed. If that's the case, then you've got some issues you've got to work out. If you have a really tiny body and these huge boobs that look so fake, I'm not into that. But if it looks great and it gives you more confidence, then it's OK. Overall, less is more.

Apart from the obvious physical differences, what sets you apart from VH1's other reality show bachelors like Rock of Love's Bret Michaels and Flavor of Love's Flavor Flav?
I wanted to bring class, honesty, and integrity to the show. If I'm going to have a life with the person I meet on the show, it's got to be real. Those other shows are more for the fun, where everyone's waiting for someone to get drunk and throw themselves naked in the pool. If you want to see that, that's fine, but I think people out there are getting smarter and want to see something smarter than the last reality show. So we wanted to be more intellectual. If two girls have a catfight in front of me, they're going to go home. I told the producers, "If you guys want that, I'm not your guy, because I'm not going to stand for it. That's not me." They were fine with that, and that's what sets us apart. I think the show is going to change reality TV as far as these dating shows go.

In the first episode you immediately dismiss a woman because you don't like her hands and feet, which might be one of coldest cuts in reality dating show history. Do you really have a hand and foot fetish?
I certainly wasn't rude or trying to hurt anybody's feelings, but I like what I like. Yeah, I love pretty hands and feet. When a woman wears a high-heel shoe with an open toe and her feet are unbelievable, it turns me on. Look, people may say that was too brutal, but this is my life. If the sex appeal and physical attraction isn't there, why wait weeks to decide if she's going to go? If the shoe were on the other foot and she didn't like anything I had to offer, I'd want her to be real with me too.

Your mother plays a big part in your decision-making process on the show. Would you call yourself a mama's boy?
In this country a mama's boy is somebody who relies on his mother to clean his clothes and cook his dinner. I'm a mama's boy in the sense that I love my mother and we're very close. Where I come from we're close to our mothers and we're more open about things. I can make my own dinner and wash my own clothes, but I have my mother there to support me. I can go to her to talk about issues and ask questions, and she has the answers.

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