Since you live on the East Coast and Crystal is now out in Los Angeles taping Days of our Lives, will you be flying to L.A. to do this?
As of right now, we don't have a schedule. I know Crystal is working really hard on it, and I know she will let me know when she requests my services. I will wait to hear from her.

If you look back at the entire journey of Otalia, was there one defining moment that stood out for you? Was there one moment when you and Crystal looked at each other and knew the two of you clicked on-screen together?

I think it happened early on. To be able to come to work and to be able to love the work, as opposed to "Eh," that is when things transitioned for me.

The scenes in the gazebo after Natalia left Frank at the altar and Olivia telling Natalia she was in love with her at the cemetery were monumental scenes of admission for these two women.

What is amazing is to see those clips and others on YouTube, and how people work really hard and put the clips to music, and the creative things they do. It's really moving. It's nice to see the value of our work in people's minds. It's sort of like any real relationship -- you kind of look through a photo album and see all your special moments together.

What has it meant to you to have the gay audience come forward and support your work? Do you read the message boards? Big Purple Dreams message board? The fans go nuts for you!

They are wonderfully crazed and passionate. [Laughs] The fan boards and message boards were all completely foreign to me. The whole idea of fandom is generally something I had never experienced, and then to experience this was incredible. It became very personal and that's the best part about it...getting the mail, the letters and the personal stories. People were going out of their way to send gifts and thoughtful cards. I never really knew how to say thank you properly.

If you could say "thank you" now, what would you say to them?

Thank you for even paying attention to the story. Thank you for even finding something in the story that is personal to you. And the loyalty...and I don't know if any other couple on a soap has had this kind of loyalty. People actually committing to the story and hanging in there with the ups and downs of it, and people reaching out personally to me, was just beyond amazing to me.

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