How is the new Melrose Place like the classic one from the ’90s?
they’re both nighttime soaps, so there’s always crazy stuff happening.
But a lot has changed in the past 10 years -- viewers have seen a lot, and
you have to raise the stakes to create suspense. So we push the
envelope even further.

How does Caleb compare to Matt, the gay character from the original Melrose?
complete opposites. Matt was neutered. Caleb is a go-getter and he
flirts shamelessly. He’s definitely not a cheeseball. A lot of gay
characters on TV are goofy or effeminate, and the producers really
wanted the character to be well-rounded. Caleb grew up playing
sports -- he’s very masculine and he’s not tortured about who he is at all.

used to be on Days of Our Lives. Daytime soaps have been incorporating
a ton of gay story lines lately. Do you think that represents a real sea
change on television?

It’s what’s going on in the culture and the soaps
are reflecting it. Television is generally on the conservative side, so
if you’re seeing it represented on TV, that probably means it’s really
out there in the real world.

I know you’re straight -- tragically -- but are you aware of your sizable gay following?

My gay friends keep me posted. I consider it very flattering, but a fan
is a fan. I don’t want to separate people into camps.

Your roles either have you fighting or taking off your clothes for a sex scene. How do you stay in shape?

do a lot of mixed martial arts -- it’s like unlimited fighting. I do
Brazilian jujutsu, beach volleyball. I don’t like my routine to get
stale, so I also lift kettle bells and push cars.

Like actual cars?
[Laughs] Yes, but the brake is off.

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