Want to Live in Cameron Mathison’s New York Brownstone?

L.A. boys, get ready, Mr. Cameron Mathison is heading west and will join
the relocated production of All My Children in Los Angeles. Mathison
told me on the Emmy red carpet that the decision was not an easy one,
and he told The New York Times, “It is a tricky situation. We
envisioned being in this place forever, but in order to keep my job on All My Children we have to pack it up and move across the country.”

To that, Cameron has put his modernist brownstone in Harlem on the
market for $2.7 million. So you can own a piece of Cameron, while Ryan owns a piece of Erica.

And In the End, Time to Turn Out the Light

has been an extraordinary week of shows for Guiding Light. Tuesday’s
episode in particular was one of the most beautifully acted, written,
and produced one of all. In it, Alan Spaulding, played by Ron Raines,
ends up losing his life while saving his sons, and the amazing Robert
Newman begins to tell his loved ones he is leaving town against the
backdrop of some long-time-coming weddings.

This bittersweet saga has
been just the tip of the iceberg for today’s grand finale. I can’t give
you any more Otalia updates and previews, but it was sure a wild ride.
In a touching story that I wanted to relate to gay sons and their moms,
one of my dearest friends was telling me just the other day how he
and his mom would watch and bond together over Guiding Light for years.
It was their story. He told me it’s really hitting him hard that the
show is going off the air after 57 years, and he has been thinking about
his mom a lot.

Then earlier this week, he received a call saying his mother
had passed away -- the very same week their beloved soap goes off the air.
How ironic. How sad.

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