It would seem you have been around gay culture most of your life. Have you seen the tide turning in favor of acceptance?
I have been in the theater since I was 10. I always thought that was a place where it embraced people for what they had to offer, but not necessarily who they were or how they presented it. In a way it was “outcasts,” which I often found myself to be, and that was one of the beautiful things about the theater. Growing up with people of all persuasions you stop seeing it as being an issue. I have a 13-year-old and she goes to a private school here in New York. It’s an Episcopal school. My daughter is Chinese. They have this diversity committee there, and my daughter was asked to be on the committee. It was for prospective families who were considering going to the school. Somehow, the moderator asked the kids about gay marriage. They all had the same opinion: If two people love each other they should get married. It was responded to with such an absence of anything, and soon this will not be an issue, we hope. You see kids in this generation who are oblivious to it as a political issue. It’s a wonderful indicator of what the future has to hold.

You adopted your Chinese daughter, Anni-Ming.

Yes, and I am a single mom.

What made you decide to adopt a little girl from China?

I was never one of those women who felt I had to have a child to be fulfilled as a woman. I was always very excited and passionate about my career. Then one day I woke up and thought, Is that what I should do now? I did the research, and my sister adopted two children from Korea. So we already had an Asian influence in the family, and after researching various areas I decided to pursue China. And lo and behold, I adopted her when she was five months old. I went to China and it was an amazing experience, and it continues to be.

You were also recently in the film Manhattanites?

Yes. I was asked to do this part that eventually went to Ilene Kristen [Roxy, OLTL]. I am so glad she was able to do it. They asked me to do it [and] at the time my mother had taken a bad turn in her health. I just knew I would have to be flying back and forth, and it was a hard time for me. I could not do anything heavy at that moment. I could do some small role in it. So again I played a Bible thumper! [Laughs] What is going on here? Maybe it’s a sign I should get a Bible! I don’t know.

Would you entertain the thought of getting into a relationship again?
I am pretty happy being a single woman. I was married in my 20s. I would love to have a relationship if I met somebody who inspired those feelings in me. And it’s a big if.

What do you think of the Erica/Ryan "cougar" story line on AMC?

I love the idea! I feel like that same thing with any love. You fall in love with someone and you really don’t worry about what package they are in. I have a good friend whose husband is 20 years younger. They have a wonderful relationship. I find it distasteful that if it’s an older woman that makes her a "cougar." Somehow we have a need to give someone nicknames!

So you think Susan Lucci and Cameron Mathison together works?
I think it’s interesting from an age perspective, and they are great. The part that disturbs me about this one is that it’s Erica’s daughter’s ex-husband. I think that is a bit creepy. 

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