Reality According to Kristin Cavallari

Will gay characters and girl crushes make the cut on season 6 of The Hills? Find out what happens when MTV’s resident “bitch” stops being polite and starts getting as real as her producers will allow.




The Hills could also use more girl-on-girl action.
Listen, the producers would probably eat that shit up. They’d love it. [Laughs] I’ll see what I can do for you about that too.

Which girl on the show are you most likely to drunkenly smooch?
Stacie the bartender.

We know from previews that you do kiss Audrina Patridge’s ex, Justin-Bobby Brescia. What are viewers supposed to believe that you see in him? His impeccable personal hygiene and sexy jean shorts?
[Laughs] I know, right? I’d met Justin maybe once or twice over the years, but I’d never actually had a conversation with him. So when I actually sat down and had a drink with him, I have to tell you, honestly, that I was impressed with him. Because I’d only heard about what everyone else thinks about him, but he’s actually a good guy. You’ll see it on the show, but he’s not as bad as everyone makes him out to be.

Did Lauren make any gesture as a symbol of her passing on the torch to you? Maybe some parting wisdom, flowers, a brief e-mail, or a quick text?
No. Nothing. It surprises me a little bit just because Lauren and I have put everything behind us. We’ve actually hung out a few times and had a lot of fun together.

Isn’t it odd that she walked away from the show but is still everywhere you look? I mean, what was she doing presenting at the VMAs?
I love you. [Laughs] Yeah, I thought it was interesting that she was at the VMAs too.

Lauren wrote a novel, L.A. Candy, loosely inspired by her own experiences. When you’re inevitably asked to write one, what will your book be about?
Oh, God. I have no plans to do a book anytime soon — if I ever even do one — but if I did, I would probably give all the dirty details of what was really going on behind the scenes, who was really hooking up with who, and all that good juicy stuff.

You’re an aspiring actress last seen opposite Mean Girls star — and friend of Kathy Griffin — Jonathan Bennett in the direct-to-DVD comedy Van Wilder: Freshman Year, but I’ve read that we won’t see that part of your life on The Hills. Will you have a fake occupation?
I’m the only one who doesn’t work on the show. I really wanted them to follow me on auditions, but they didn’t think that was glamorous enough, so they didn’t want to put it on the show. I guess seeing me out there working and probably getting turned down about 85% of the time isn’t really what people want to see.

You also played one of the Sevens, a mean girl clique in Rachel Dratch’s Spring Breakdown. Rachel told me that the gay director, Ryan Shiraki, was super excited to work with you.
God, that movie was so much fun. Ryan had so much energy and everyone was so cool. It was the most relaxed set. We were at the beach every day, so it really felt like spring break. It was the most amazing experience ever. I absolutely love Amy Poehler, and I remember shooting this one scene with her and thinking, This is crazy — I’m filming a movie with Amy Poehler! We’d do a scene as it was written in the script, but for the last take she would basically do whatever the hell she wanted, so it was awesome to watch how she works.

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