Good, because the show has a very gay sensibility. Do you feel that when you’re working on it?
I do. What I love is that there’s a freedom to all of the characters in the show, and I, of course, grew up in San Francisco ... I have a million gay friends. That’s a rule in San Francisco. I always feel like there is a freedom with subject matter and humor in the gay community that we don’t have in the straight community. I just feel like, the things I’ll laugh about with my gay friends, we’ll just say it. There’s no circumspection: Is this going to be OK? Is this going to be PC? I think there’s that with Archer. Obviously there’s no gay character, but there are constant gay interactions on the show, and I love that. There’s a freedom to the show I think gay fans are going to love.

Well, and of course, you play the diva.

And she’s a badass diva too. And what’s great about her is she’s not a prissy diva.

I have to say, Talk Soup is fun, but every time I watch, I miss you.

Oh, thank you.

Do you ever still watch?

No, I don’t ... and it’s funny, it’s not like I’ve made a conscious choice not to watch. It went away when I left and then it came back ... it’s kind of like graduating high school and then still hanging around. I love Joel [McHale]. I think he’s very, very funny, and we’re friendly. But I also feel like I did that for such a long time that when I watch it, I don’t feel like I’m seeing anything that I haven’t already seen before.

What do you miss most about that gig?

It was very free. We would see the clips and write to the clips but then, when we would go in and tape the show ... it’s kind of like doing the work so you don’t have to go through with the plan, you know? I think that’s why people liked it because they’re like, “We don’t know what’s going to happen.” You don’t feel like its been focus-grouped or micromanaged. Toward the end we got in trouble for some things, and then lawyers started reading our scripts.

Well, it isn’t good until someone’s yelling, right?
It’s only funny if someone is screaming.

So now I’m going to go back to one of my favorite moments involving you. You were a backstage host for Divas Live.
Oh, my God.

You were being painted as a thief ... something about you stealing money from Sharon Osbourne, I think the skit was. I just remember it being the campiest thing I’ve ever seen ...

[Laughs] That is so funny. God. That was such a while ago, I don’t even remember. It was all backstage and I just remember it all being very, very quick. And I remember I had all these really hot, naked guys doing my toes. Oh, they were so awesome. They were Thunder From Down Under — I remember laughing about that really hard. But, I mean, at something like Divas Live, you’ve got to be as campy as possible.

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