Heather Morris: It's Brittany, Gleeks!

As Brittany, Glee’s ditziest Cheerio, Heather Morris sings the praises of her hit show’s Madonna episode, Lady Gaga tribute, and pinky-holding girl-on-girl action.



OK, can we please talk about the Madonna episode and then never stop talking about it?
[Laughs] Seriously, how great was that episode? When I first watched it, I wanted to nominate it as the most epic episode ever on television in the whole world.

You were also a part of Jane Lynch’s infamous “Vogue” video. Your voguing was pretty fierce.
That makes me so happy to hear. I was scared because I was dancing next to Durrell, who’s a queen, so I kept trying to watch him and learn from him. I really tried to do my homework because I was really nervous to do any type of voguing. I’m like this little white girl fairy princess, so didn’t think I was going to represent by any means.

You also played a very special part in the “Vogue” video that some people may not realize.
Yes, I was the one wearing the cone bra! That was maybe the coolest part about the whole thing for me, because I felt that the cone bra was, like, Madonna in a nutshell. It was just really cool that Madonna was watching me wearing a cone bra just like she had worn before.

Besides your superior dancing skills, you tend to stand out in some musical numbers like “Express Yourself” because of your height. Are you really tall or are the other girls just really short?
I’m a little over 5' 8", and they’re all, like, 5' 3". I noticed that in the Madonna episode too. I was like, “Oh, my God, I look like a beast!”

Pictures of you from the Glee set wearing a Lady Gaga lobster headpiece have leaked online. What can you tell me about that episode?
You’re going to die when you see it. Basically, we’re all like little Lady Gagas, and the numbers we do are such a good tribute to her, just like we did with Madonna.

So how did you get the Glee gig?
About six months after I first moved to L.A., I got a job doing Beyoncé’s tour. After I finished the tour, I started working with choreographer Zach Woodley, who started hiring me to do things like Fired Up! and Eli Stone. After that, I got invited to do the small Single Ladies tour she was doing for stuff like the AMAs and SNL. Prior to the Single Ladies tour I was supposed to move to New York to do West Side Story, but then I dropped dancing and started acting classes because I didn’t want to dance anymore and I really wanted to fulfill my lifelong dream of acting. Zach called me and was like, “Are you in New York?” I was like, “No, I’m still here in L.A. and I’m acting.” He was like, “OK, I need you to come in and teach the ‘Single Ladies’ dance to Chris Colfer and Jenna Ushkowitz for this TV show I’m doing, Glee. Since you’re acting now, I know Ryan Murphy would love to consider you for a part. Look as cute as you can so he’ll love you even more.” So I went in to teach the kids with a full-on outfit. I was scheduled to read with Ryan Murphy twice, but he canceled both times. After that, Zach called me and said they might not hire me anyway because they wanted the third cheerleader to be black, so my hopes were shot. But then my agent called a week later and said, “You’re now cast as Brittany in Glee.” So it was nuts.

Did the cast know about your Beyoncé experience from the beginning? Because if Chris Colfer is anything like me and just about every other gay man I know, he must’ve lost his mind.
Yes, Zach told them, so they were aware. Chris was really excited to work with me, and so was Kevin [McHale]. They were like, “I can’t believe you’re here!” Amber [Riley] already knew who I was because she loves Beyoncé. I walked in and she was like, “I know who you are! I own the Beyoncé Experience Tour DVD!” So she was excited to meet me, which was weird, because she’s epic and I was excited to meet her.

Did you get any feedback from Beyoncé about your Glee homage?
I didn’t. I wish I could hear from her. I did tell her about the show right before I started, but I didn’t tell her about the “Single Ladies” thing. I’m sure she knows about it, though. She always does her homework on stuff like that and watches over people. Knowing her, she probably knows exactly what I’m doing all the time. 
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