Becoming Bianca



So there was no trepidation in taking on a gay role?
I am really proud to play this part and have no trepidation about it at all, and being gay is part of who she is. I am proud to be doing it because of how current it all is. I am surprised that the gay community is still struggling and fighting so many years later. They are still fighting for basic human rights. I am excited to be a part of that fight.

Many soap opera flagship gay characters have come and gone over the past year. At one time in 2009 we had four soap operas telling same-sex stories. After As the World Turns goes off in September, that will make Bianca the lone major gay character in daytime.
I am excited to see where the writers take it, and they are sharing that responsibly with me. I’m sort of being that lone wolf out there now, and I am up for a challenge.

But initially, it is not a gay theme that brings Bianca back to the show; it’s her mom, Erica.
Right now she is fighting for her mom and getting details of what has happened. She believes that Erica died in a plane crash.

So you come back to town, and Bianca will go head-to-head with Greenlee, who is up to her eyeballs in the whereabouts of the MIA Erica.
That is Bianca’s first suspect. I want to needle her and get some information out of her. Greenlee and Bianca also have a very strong history together. In a sense, in the material I have been doing so far it is about fighting for somebody else’s goodness, which seems to be what Bianca’s strengths are: fighting for good intentions and the best in people. And also butting heads with Greenlee, because she is not being forthcoming with information.

Do you think AMC is taking Bianca’s return very lightly this time, in terms of the gay side of her life (i.e. not bringing her back with her wife and her kids in tow)? Last time out her story line did not sit well with the gay community. Plus, with the recent events of so many soap operas having had to derail their same-sex story lines for various reasons, perhaps this is all to test the waters with the viewers?

That is a good question. I think she is being brought back now because the show and the characters in Pine Valley sort of needed that grounding. I also think it’s a testament to the fans that they have embraced this character. I think right now the primary focus is definitely her relationship with her mother and definitely her relationships as a mother. But as far as bringing Reese back, I am hopeful that a romance can be represented. The timing this time and the story allowed for Bianca to come back as Erica’s daughter.

Reese and Bianca’s children are with Reese in Paris at this point, correct?
Yes, that’s right. Bianca basically came back to find out what happened to her mother and bring her home. Right now it’s just a trip, and her kids and Reese are still in Paris. I am staying on the show, but I am not sure how it will be written that I stay put. I am sure at some point all of this will be addressed, but I have no idea when.

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