Last Words With Chad Michaels, RuPaul's All Star

Chad Michaels, winner of RuPaul's All Stars Drag Race, talks to The Advocate about his victory and reveals juicy behind-the-scenes details.



Are there any charities you’ve been involved with, or want to become involved with?
The Ali Forney Center… I had a wonderful opportunity to go to New York and do a fundraiser for Ali Forney… They were pretty much wiped out by Sandy, and there’s a lot of kids that rely on Ali Forney for lots of different things… health, support, shelter, food, clothing, all of it… I’ve worked with the CCA, which is the Children’s Craniofacial Association. It’s actually Cher’s organization… We have several organizations in San Diego: Mama’s Kitchen, which works with HIV patients who can’t get food for themselves... I’m available. If someone needs me, I’m there.
So, when are you running for the mayor of West Hollywood?
[laughs] Never! I will run for the mayor of San Diego before I run for the mayor of West Hollywood. My heart will always be in San Diego, that’s for sure.
Would you ever go into politics?
No. But I would be an advocate, a warrior. I think I work better on the front lines. Throw me in, and I’ll do your dirty work. 
If you weren’t wearing wig, heels, and a crown right now, what would you be doing?
[laughs] It’s so hard. I’ve took this road a long time now. As RuPaul says, “You didn’t choose the game — the game chose you.” It’s hard to imagine. But in the future, I would like to do something different. This is a finite career. RuPaul is setting an example of longevity, and I hope I can ascend to those heights. But I would like to do something of the opposite of what I do. As much as an entertainer can give of themselves, it is still a very selfish career. It’s a career where you promote yourself constantly, and you talk about yourself constantly, and you look at yourself in the mirror constantly. You worry about what people think about you, and worry about popular opinion. I would like to do something that’s completely the opposite of that. I don’t know what that is. Is it counseling? Is it social work? I don’t know. Not that I want it, but I’ve always wondered about a different kind of life. Where would my life have gone if I hadn’t gone to that drag show and seen Hunter? Where would I be today?
What advice do you have for the girls of next season?
Use your voice and make your mark. You have an opportunity to do something more than be a competitor. You have an opportunity to be a role model. You have an opportunity to affect people’s lives. You can affect it positively, or you can affect it negatively. It all depends on how you play the game. So play the game well.
Do you have any parting words for our readers?
Everyone needs to understand the level of gratitude I have for their support and their criticisms. I think this season I was even more closely under the microscope, because it was a different game. I played the game differently than season 4. I was more assertive. I was more aggressive. I was more outspoken. Some people liked it, and some people didn’t, and I’ve taken some criticisms. But I’ve really found that those criticisms have made me take a closer look at myself… It’s important to do that. No matter what stage of your life, you need to assess yourself and check yourself. I think that everything about it has been positive. So thank you to everybody.
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