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FORTUNE MAIN X390 (COURTESY) | ADVOCATE.COMIs it true that you, Chelsea Handler, and Chuy shared a passionate, three-way kiss?
I love that there is this rumor floating around. You know you’ve made it when it’s being rumored that you kissed a famous vodka-loving talk show host and a Mexican midget. Knowing Chelsea, though, it could very well happen!  

How did you get the reoccurring gig on Chelsea Lately?
They were doing a big search for a new writer and I was asked to submit a package because some of the producers had seen me perform at the Groundlings. Two months went by and I heard nothing. I figured I didn’t get the job and then all of a sudden, I had a meeting with the producers.  Luckily that went well and they called and told me I had a meeting with Chelsea. I went in to meet with Chelsea and I thought she hated me because she’s so hard to read. Afterwards, I basically called my manager and told her I blew it, but as I was preparing my résumé for Starbucks the next day, I got a call saying that Chelsea really liked me and I got the job. I’ve been peeing my pants, literally, every day since I was hired.  

Your video shorts on Funny or Die are hilarious and very popular.  Do you write your own material?
Thank you! Funny or Die and YouTube are awesome because they’ve been such a great place to for me to showcase my material, which I write myself. People who have no idea that I’m on Chelsea Lately or did Last Comic will come up to me and start reciting lines from videos that I’ve put up on the sites. Granted, I used to film a lot more videos when I didn’t have a job. That way, when people asked where they could see some of my work, I could say, “Well, I don’t want to brag or anything, but I did write, star in, direct, and produce a hilarious three-minute video on YouTube. So far it’s gotten 2,000 hits in six months. Yep, I’m kind of a big deal.”    
What's your next project?
Right now, I’m working full-time at Chelsea Lately as a writer, so there isn’t a lot of free time for other projects, but I recently filmed a pilot with Bob Odenkirk, so hopefully that will get picked up.  I’ll be a part of the second season of After Lately, which we start filming in the fall, and I’ve also got the Comedians of Chelsea Lately tour coming up.  I’ll be in Anaheim on August 12 and Lake Tahoe on August 13. People can check out my website for more info on that or if they are just really bored and want to stare at pictures of me in a vest and tie. You’re welcome, America.

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