9 LGBT-Friendly Comedy Shows You Should Support

Here's our list of LGBT comedy shows across the country that shouldn't be missed.



Sure, funny is funny. You don’t have to go to a “gay” comedy show to experience a night of giggles, and clubs in every major city host a wide range of established comedians — including some who are LGBT.

But not every comedy club offers the LGBT community a chance to come together and laugh at ourselves without the risk of creeping sexism and homophobia, which are still too often passed off as entertainment.

Besides, going to a gay comedy show is a great alternative to the bar scene for meeting new people. Whether you are there for punch lines or pick-up lines, here are nine amazing shows at great venues, with a vetted lineup of comedians who are worth the ticket price.

Check out clips from the shows on the following pages and see if one is in your city,

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