#TBT: Famous Moments On the Wrong Side of History

One day we will laugh at the freak out over marriage equality. After all, the zipper frightened people to death at one time, too. Here are some historic lows of paranoid impediments to progress.



Above: Dan Quayle speaks, and reacts to Murphy Brown.

What About the Children?: Dan Quayle Speaks Out for the Welfare of Fictional Characters
In Murphy Brown's 1991–92 season, Murphy (played by Candace Bergen) became pregnant. At the point where the character was about to give birth, Murphy had stated that "several people do not want me to have the baby. Pat Robertson; Phyllis Schlafly; half of Utah!" Out of the mouths of actresses…. On May 19, 1992, Vice President Dan Quayle spoke at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco. During his speech, he criticized the Murphy Brown character for "ignoring the importance of fathers by birthing a child alone." The following national debate, media coverage, and inclusion of Quayle's comments in the plot of the show resulted in a fresh view on the diversity of families in America.

Below: Murphy Brown, with child.