#TBT: He-Man Anxiety and Bodybuilding

There was a lot of sand kicked in a lot of faces in those days. Of course, now we would classify this as bullying.



Are those trophies water-sealed? Because I need something for the tulips on the organ.

Stunts? You want stunts? I'll tell you about stunts. It's all about that time at the Cafe de Paris with Wallis Simpson and Jimmy Donahue. She was absolutely outrageous. And David was sitting right there at the table with them!

One of the unfortunate effects of steroids is a succubus-like growth of a female form on the chest or shoulders. So, yes, Franco knows it's there. Just be polite and don't engage it in coversation.

Here poor Arnold has one of those growths that's fully formed. It's an enorous burden, especially since you sometimes have to support the weight of it yourself. The upside it that your biceps get just that much bigger. Better not look this one in the eyes. She looks mean.

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