Brent Corrigan Bags It Up



BRENT CORRIGAN SCREENGRAB X390He was supposed to be back east attending Yale’s Co-op Pride, which is how you planned his trip to come and work on these videos. There’s been a lot written about what went down with Yale. Did it throw a wrench in your plans at all?
I had purchased plane tickets already for him to facilitate [the trip to Yale], so he just lost the plane tickets… we just had to reschedule and get him a new plane ticket. It just cost us $190. It wasn’t a huge deal, obviously. It was just sort of ironic.

And what about the reasons that were given for his appearance being canceled?
Well, it was a couple of things that they said. I knew for a fact he was doing it for free, and their first thing was that he’d asked for too much money, which was not the case (Garace says Corrigan also participated in the DC Fuk !t campaign for free). The second thing was that he was too controversial because he’d done bareback, and of course he was coming right off of shooting a safer sex video.

You have one video with Brent online now, but he shot more, correct?
We shot three little videos… there are two more coming. One he talks about sexually transmitted diseases specifically, and then another one he actually did with Matthew Rush, which is a little mock sex-ed class. Those will be coming out during the summer.

The goal of the campaign is to get people to practice safer sex, but it goes about it in a very provocative, almost taboo sort of way. What has response been like to the campaign?
It’s about being honest, really. Gay men don’t learn a lot about sex in the sex-ed classroom. They learn on the Internet, from porn. That’s where they’re getting this material, and we were seeing such resurgence in bareback online that we needed to put out an alternative that focused on safer sex. It’s tongue-in-cheek. a little bit. that they’re public service announcements, but they’re very straightforward in showing you exactly what you have to do. I think they’re pretty effective. I was bracing for negative feedback, and frankly, we haven’t gotten any.

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