The 5 Fugliest Diaper Bags

Becoming a parent brings many new and exciting purchases. For whatever reason, diaper bags aren't one of them. The selection is awful at best, but I've whittled it down to the top five that make my stomach turn.



3. "I wasn't ready to have a baby":  Calling all Jersey Shore moms. This is one of those tragic cases of some person thinking they are buying something cool, and all their friends say they like it, but in reality they’re just being nice (or are they?). Nothing says “I’m a new mom” like a studded hobo bag that looks like you picked it up in a Las Vegas souvenir shop. Unfortunately, this represents a lot of the "newer styles," which factor the gay dad completely out of the situation. It's clearly feminine, as it resembles a handbag. A cheap one.

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