U.K. Conservatives Turning on Cameron for Marriage Equality Push?



British prime minister David Cameron
British prime minister David Cameron

A new poll in Britain finds strong conservative opposition to Prime Minister David Cameron's push for marriage equality, though the impartiality of the study is in question.

The poll, conducted by a group opposed to marriage equality, found that 71% of Tory chairmen believe same-sex marriage legislation should be abandoned, and 47% believe Cameron's stance on the issue cost support for their party. The numbers were released just as the Conservative Party was gathering for its annual conference, which makes the findings even more specious.

Regardless, Chancellor George Osborne says he will still support Cameron's marriage equality push in the House of Commons, where it's expected to come up for a vote soon.

"I support gay marriage, I support gay marriage because I believe Conservatives support the institutions of commitment," Osborne told Sky News.