WATCH: New NOM Video Claims Marriage Equality Has No Benefit to Society

A new anti-equality video is called "Marriage Equals Biology Not BIgotry."



The National Organization for Marriage is at it again, with a new video (it's a hoot!) aimed at reaching, in particular, people in the four states voting on marriage equality next month. The video's goal is to articulate the case "against redefining marriage" so NOM supporters don't have to come up with the answers for themselves.

In the video below, a British narrator explains why the government can promote, permit, or prohibit certain actions, so when it promotes "natural marriage" (which she claims even lowers the national deficit), goverment merely permits other relationships (like same-sex couplings) and prohibits others (like incest) it's all with good cause, because there is absolutely no benefit to society in extending marriage rights to gays.