Soldier Who Was Booed During GOP Debate Calls for Marriage Equality in Military

A solider who fought in Iraq was famously booed during a Republican debate and has since been an advocate for LGBT equality.



The serviceman who was booed during a Republican primary debate has become an outspoken advocate for LGBT rights and is now calling for marriage equality in the military.

"The late '50s, they stopped segregation in the Army for African-Americans, the late '60s, interracial marriage was allowed, it was unconstitutional to make it illegal, and here we are half a century forward and Josh and I's marriage is not recognized," said Major Stephen Snyder-Hill while on The Young Turks on Current TV Wednesday. "Just following the natural progression of civil rights, that's what we are asking for as well."

The couple recently had to fight with Ohio authorities when they wanted simply to hyphenate their last names after being married in Washington, D.C. And they have appeared in a photo project called "Gay Warriors" that highlights inequalities among soldiers created by the Defense of Marriage Act.

Watch the complete interview below.

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