Cynthia Nixon is More Than Just Sex

The Sex and the City star opens up about her life with partner Christine Marinoni.



She takes being confused with her role in stride, as she does the attention celebrity brings. Nevertheless, she often manages to slip under the radar, even go unnoticed. “I don’t have red hair in real life, so when we’re not in production, I make my way back to blond. I also stubbornly go about my life the way I always did, and sometimes it’s not the smartest thing to do. I’m in places people wouldn’t expect to see me, like on the subway or in line at the post office. So they just sort of feel like I look like that person, but I’m probably not that person. I was standing on line making a deposit at the bank recently, and the teller was looking at me, and looking at my name, and she said, ‘You know you have the same name as that woman on Sex and the City?’ ”

Like all the characters, by virtue of living beyond the pages of Candace Bushnell’s source novel, Miranda has changed—if not to become more like Nixon herself, then surely in the direction of the actress’s own temperament. “I think I’m softer than her, and she has become softer. In this particular film Miranda is more of a caretaker than we’ve seen before. I feel like [now] Miranda is a bit of a cheerleader among the four of us,” she says, drawing a connection to her own persona. “I can be very loud and excited.”

Davis confirms that the character displays more positivity in the new film, more like Nixon. “Cynthia is very enthusiastic, which you don’t know if you only know her as Miranda. There were times when I’d be sitting with her at awards shows, and she’d pump her fist and scream” or raise her hands exuberantly if an actor friend was being lauded. The more demure Davis was occasionally embarrassed by her friend’s expressiveness. “Sometimes I’d think, Just put your hands down!

The cast members are tight-lipped about the plot of Sex and the City 2, though a look at the trailer gives some juicy clues. Troubles in marital paradise! Abu Dhabi! (Morocco, actually.) The designer caftans! Aidan is back! Liza! But because none of the actresses wants to lose a pinkie finger, or whatever contractual doom awaits spoiler-spillers, each is preparing for the publicity gauntlet and rapid-fire volley of questions—the questions they can answer. Promoting the film takes some preparation. Nixon says, “You exercise, watch what you eat, get a facial, try and spend all the time you can with your kids in the meantime, because you know you’ll be in Europe a bit.”

She’s also prepared for the inevitable rumors about cast infighting. “They have so many negative things [written] about all of us not talking,” Nixon laughs, “so we let each other know, ‘Hey, did you know we’re not speaking? I don’t know if you knew this, but I can’t talk to you today—we’re not speaking.’ ” Though annoying, rarely does Nixon find the rumors egregious or damaging. “I don’t get too much of it,” she says with characteristic calm.

Then there’s that other question all the fashion plates from SATC are routinely asked: “What are you wearing?” Nixon, who is dressed today in a black blouse with gunmetal beading, looks well put together, but she says she generally can’t be bothered about fashion. “Christine is the clothes shopper. I hate it.”