Six Great Things That Happened This Week

A Republican stalwart and a whole nation come out for marriage equality, a great band comes out against hate, Stephen Fry and lesbian moms make international news, and activists stick up for their rights down under.




The Lee Boys Just Got Thousands of New Fans

Jeremy Hooper of Good as You talked with the management team that works with The Lee Boys, one of the country's best African-American steel ensembles and one of the two musical acts that the National Organization For Marriage announced as performers at its upcoming "March For Marriage" and convinced the band to pull out of the gig.

Hooper reported that the bandmates, all brothers, "were not aware of what NOM was all about and they want no part. The only statement this band member wanted to give beyond simple confirmation is to say that 'music is about love' and the band 'would never want to offend.'"

Score one for love.