Say What?! 5 Bad Questions for Gay Parents

BY Michelle Garcia

August 19 2011 6:00 AM ET


Q:  Where did you get the eggs/sperm? Whose egg/sperm did you use? 

Dan Bloom: If someone asks the question in front of our children, I respond with something completely off topic that makes it clear the question is not going to be addressed. If asked in private, outside the presence or our children, we volunteer that we utilized an anonymous egg donor and a gestational surrogate. When people ask whose sperm we used, we do not answer the question — even if asked by family or best friends. I often say, “That’s not a question we answer.” Or, if it’s someone who we think could benefit from a more detailed answer, I’ve responded “We feel very strongly that information belongs to our children. If they ask the question, we’ll tell them. They can then decide if, how, and when they share it.”

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