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A honeymoon should be about romance, good food, and relaxation -- for couples getting hitched in California, nearby Santa Fe, N.M., fits the bill.



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Just remember, if
you’re holding hands with your wife or husband,
locals won’t look at you twice, but the city is
teeming with tourists, so you may get a stare from
that couple with the fanny pack.

Maybe the most
wonderful thing about Santa Fe (besides its temperate
summers, which are often cooler than those in Los
Angeles) is the city’s manageable size. The
ultra-charming downtown, devoid of chains and strip
malls, is completely walkable; don’t bother renting a
car if you don’t have to (you’ll need to
walk off all those great meals anyway).

The city’s
innumerable art galleries and museums are a 10-minute stroll
from most area resorts, hotels, and bed-and-breakfasts. A
good choice for your overnight stay is La Posada de
Santa Fe (330 E. Palace Ave.; 866-331-7625). The luxe
resort and spa is tucked away in a quiet nook just two
blocks from Santa Fe’s ubiquitous culture and cuisine
-- Santa Fe’s beautiful St. Francis Cathedral
is a stone’s throw from La Posada. The
resort’s tasteful cabins are cozy (fireplaces for a
quiet night with your betrothed), and there’s a
pool, gift shop, restaurant (the aforementioned
Fuego), and a full-service spa. Even better, La Posada
offers commitment ceremonies and receptions on the property,
whipped up by its very own wedding planner, David

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