Canadian censor views Dr. Laura’s latest antigay salvo as tough love

Remarks made by Dr. Laura Schlessinger and broadcast over Nova Scotia’s CJCH-AM on August 9, 11, and 15, were not deemed by the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council to breach industry codes on human rights, according to The Hollywood Reporter. This stands in contrast to a decision by the same group last May that earlier comments by the radio therapist were “abusively discriminatory.” The inquiry was prompted by a listener complaint that Dr. Laura had delivered one of “her normal tirades…[in] which she emphatically repeated her moral and scientific authority for claiming that gays are ‘biological errors.’” CBSC’s Atlantic division found that “While some of the words used are similar to those spoken on the previous occasion, the way in which they are used is totally different here.” The Canadian censor felt that since the remarks had been limited to “reproductive issues” regarding gays and lesbians, they were not capable of triggering violence against gay people.

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