Queer as Folk actress hopes for more lesbian story lines

In an interview with TV Guide Online, Michelle Clunie, who plays half of the lesbian couple on Showtime’s Queer as Folk, expressed a desire to see the roles of the women on the show expanded, saying, “I’m really pushing to have some lesbian friends come on the show so it’s not just us in our pajamas with the men popping by to see us.” Clunie realizes it’s a tough position, though, since “the men outnumber us on the show five to two, so if you divide it up, of course the men are going to have more airtime.” Still, she’s grateful for what she’s working with, noting, “This season we keep getting more story lines, which is a wonderful thing.” An unexpected benefit of the show is the number of gay men offering to have the actress’s children, a gesture she takes as “a huge compliment!”

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