Spice Girl outs pop star, not that anybody’s buying it

Former Spice Girl Mel B. (Scary) casually “outed” pop star Robbie Williams on the British television show Top of the Pops, according to The [London] Sun. Presenter Josie D’arby apparently asked Mel B. about Williams’s relationships with the Spice Girls since he recently went on holiday with Geri Halliwell (Ginger Spice), though the two swore there was no romantic attachment. Mel B. replied, “Neither Emma nor Victoria nor I have gone out with him. Anyway, he prefers men.” Jonathan Wilkes—childhood friend and current Notting Hill flatmate of Williams—declared, “I think she was well out of order.... Everyone has been saying since year dot that there is something going on between Rob and me. We ignore it.” One can see where such rumors take hold, however; just last April, Williams announced on Top of the Pops, “Tomorrow I will be coming out as homosexual.” Williams, by the way, sang the Freddie Mercury part on the recent remake of Queen’s “We Are the Champions.”

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