Antidote Films announces plans to bring J.T. LeRoy's Sarah to the big screen

Antidote Films and producers Jeff Levy-Hinte (Thirteen, Laurel Canyon) and Mary Jane Skalski have announced plans to bring gay author J.T. LeRoy's autobiographical novel Sarah to the big screen, reports At the Toronto International Film Festival on Thursday, the company announced that it is developing both Sarah (to be directed by Secretary's Steve Shainberg, from a screenplay by Jeffrey Hatcher) and a new version of Macbeth, starring Philip Seymour Hoffman. The latter film will be directed by Todd Louiso, who recently guided Hoffman through Love Liza. (Louiso also has history with the Bard--in 1995, he directed a short film based on Tom Stoppard's The Fifteen Minute Hamlet.)

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