"Lesbian First Weekend Film Club" launched

In an attempt to boost the box-office fortunes of lesbian films, producer Orly Ravid has launched the Web site www.LesbianFirstWeekendFilmClub.com. The site will attempt to incite filmgoers to support the opening weekends of lesbian-themed films in the hopes of encouraging more such movies in the future. Ravid's goal is to get 500,000 members who will commit, on the honor system, to go see lesbian films in the theater on their opening weekend. "Lesbians often complain that lesbian films just aren't good," said Ravid in a statement. "Well, some are and some aren't, but either way, lesbians have not proven to be a reliable audience.... If lesbians show up at the theaters on opening weekend and support the films that reflect their lives to one degree or another--the way gay male, Asian, Latino, and other communities do--lesbian films will have a better chance of getting made with better financing, attracting the more talented directors, thereby leading to better-quality lesbian movies."

The group will launch with the upcoming release of Prey for Rock and Roll, starring Gina Gershon.

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