L.I.E. director Cuesta feels a Shiver come on

Michael Cuesta,
who directed and cowrote the acclaimed pedophile drama
L.I.E., has signed on to shoot the horror
thriller Shiver. The Dimension Films project,
inspired by true events, is about a group of New Year's Eve
revelers who get involved in a car crash and are
stranded in a Minnesota snowstorm. They stumble upon
the nearby home of a widowed doctor obsessed with
torture as a scientific study.

"What I like
about Shiver and the horror genre is that when
it's done honestly, with serious intent, it can tap
into the social fears and anxieties of our time," Cuesta
said. "I find that exploring the grotesque, the
abhorrent, and what disturbs us is a chance to convey
some universal truths about us and our society."

After the 2001
release of L.I.E., which won honors at numerous
international film festivals, Cuesta went on to direct
episodes of HBO's Six Feet Under. His latest
film, Twelve and Holding, will screen at the
New Directors/New Films series in New York City. (Borys Kit
and Tatiana Siegel, Reuters, with additional reporting
by Advocate.com)

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