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The movie you can
salivate to

The movie you can
salivate to


If you're ever at a club and you see TV screens showing off group sex, pig masks, and fan dancers, you may be watching Schwarzwald, one of the most intriguing films ever made.

Have you recently been in a nightclub and hallucinated that you were seeing porn stars in pig masks, heathen acts of leather sex, and thousands of shirtless dancing circuit boys on the video screens? Did you just see footage of a goateed muscle boy tied to a tree and catch a glimpse of his...vagina?

You're not having an acid flashback--you've been watching the recently released Schwarzwald: The Movie You Can Dance To. An "allegorical fairy tale," the hour-long film comes from producers of New York's City's legendary Black Party and, appropriately enough, features a soundtrack that will have asses shaking and imagery that will make jaws drop.

The project is both a promotional tool for the annual Black Party and a long-form music video with a loose Dungeons & Dragons-flavored narrative. Darkly erotic, Schwarzwald will no doubt prove to be disturbing to some, arousing to others. Writer-director Richard Kimmel has crafted a work that combines scenes from the infamous Black Party with footage filmed at Whipman's Estate in Otisville, N.Y. The party sequences--voguing queens doing runway, gorgeous sculpted dudes rocking the dance floor in bizarre outfits, old-school fan dancers--are melded with a tableau of outdoor sex scenes, overlaid with a Merlinesque aesthetic.

Featuring female-to-male transsexual sensation Buck Angel, porn hottie Blu Kennedy, and gay singer Daniel Cartier, these segments illustrate carnal pagan rituals through the use of animal masks, fetish gear, bondage play, and group sex.

"The project was inspired by the annual ritual of the Black Party and its origins in ancient druidic rites," says Kimmel. "It was shot over two consecutive weekends last year, in sequence, mostly one take. We tried to capture the spirit and energy of an 18-hour event and a 28-year tradition, and distill it to a one-hour journey with a satisfying emotional arc."

Intended for playback at bars, clubs, and parties, the DVD is also available for purchase online for $25, allowing homebodies a chance to re-create the hedonistic club experience right in their living rooms.

Schwarzwald is scored to a continuous dance mix by celebrated DJs Peter Rauhofer, Offer Nissim, and Michael Fierman. You actually could throw this disc in as fabulous background music and not even watch the visuals--then, of course, you would miss half the fun. The tribal essence of the notorious Black Party--which, held at the vernal equinox, reinterprets an ancient druidic ritual--is captured on film for the first time; over 5,000 sweaty, gyrating bodies, plus glimpses of onstage sex acts involving hot candle wax, dildos, a double fisting, fantabulous nightclub performers, and further hard-core fetishes.

The Saint at Large, the production company that is behind both the film and the party, will be premiering the film in gay nightclubs across country through mid summer, beginning with Los Angeles and followed by San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Philadelphia, Montreal, and New York. A Lord of the (Cock) Rings meets Tom of Finland (while set to a thumping house beat), Schwarzwald is indeed the movie you can dance to, and quite a bit more.

The film's trailer can be viewed at

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