Leslie Jordan: Little Man, Big Buffet

Leslie Jordan: Little Man, Big Buffet

If you stomached the films Eating Out and Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds, make room for another helping of horny high jinks. Eating Out 3: All You Can Eat, the tasty third in the full-frontal-friendly romantic comedy series, is now playing at select theaters. Serving up wit, warmth, and wisdom alongside the usual wild young things, My Trip Down the Pink Carpet author Leslie Jordan plays Harry, a kindly older confidant who runs the Larry Craig LGBT Center. Best known as Brother Boy in Sordid Lives and for his Emmy-winning recurring role as Karen Walker’s diminutive nemesis Beverley Leslie on Will & Grace, the busy character actor retraces his journey from park bushes to the big screen and — if Karen has any say — Broadway.

Advocate.com: Were you a fan of the other Eating Out films before signing on to Eating Out 3?
Leslie Jordan: I hadn’t seen them. I work so much, so I just don’t go to a lot of movies or watch a lot of TV. When I went to meet the director, Glenn Gaylord, I hadn’t even read the script for Eating Out 3. I told him, “When I do read a script, it’s always, ‘bullshit, bullshit, bullshit, my line, bullshit, bullshit, bullshit,’ anyway.” Once I read the script, I liked it, but I still haven’t seen the other ones.

You didn’t feel like you should catch up?
No, I’m not one of these actors that prepares and plans. I’m like Megan Mullally, who’s my favorite actor I’ve ever worked with — “Honey, you just show up and do it. It’s like verbal ping-pong: Pass the lines back and forth and see what happens.”

Eating Out 3 might be the raciest one in the threesome. Do you think queer indie films need gratuitous sex and full-frontal nudity to succeed?
It does sell tickets. The minute I heard you got to see Jason Segal’s dick, I bought a ticket to Forgetting Sarah Marshall. My gripe has always been that you’ll have a gay indie with a great message, but once you add nudity you end up just preaching to the choir. All the gay people are going to see it because of the nudity, but you’re not going to reach a wider audience with a bunch of boys sucking each other off. Brokeback Mountain had the perfect wide appeal. Yes, it had a little spit and butt-fucking, which was hot, but that didn’t overshadow the love story. I didn’t know there was nudity until I read an interview with some of the boys in one of the gay rags this week. I guess I’m just as guilty because I can’t wait to see their wieners.


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