Four Films That Tackle the Greatest Taboo

Four Films That Tackle the Greatest Taboo

From Beginning to End (2009): Unlike sapphic incestuousness, the gay version has hardly been shown outside the confines of pornography, which might explain why some viewers were shocked by this Brazilian love story. Two brothers grow up in an extremely close relationship, spooning in bed prepuberty, bathing together, and holding each other from their earliest days. Dad worries that there is something wrong while Mom tells the boys she'll love them no matter what. As very attractive grown men (played by João Gabriel Vasconcellos and Rafael Cardoso), the two reunite and decide to make their intimacy sexual. And yes, the sex scenes are very hot (and worth the rental). But aside from some longing and confusion, viewers are left wondering about the how of it all. Unlike Sister My Sister, the film makes you wonder how the men feel about all this and what created this vacuum of intimacy around them.


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