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Hot Sheet: Super Duper Star Zack

Jose Villarreal In FOURPLAYx633 0

4. DVD: Fourplay
A sexy, humorous romp into four different American cities, Fourplay compiles a quartet of stories in which characters' lives are changed by unusual sexual encounters. The stories are universally compelling, whether it's a closeted middle-aged lesbian choir member getting closer to the object of her affections — the minister's wife — while dog-sitting the couple's high-maintenance pet in Skokie, a transgender sex worker who goes above and beyond to please a quadriplegic client in San Francisco, or a gay man in Tampa who turns to fantasy when his quest for a bathroom quickie come up short. Fourplay was a favorite at festivals in 2012 and is now available on DVD. Watch the trailer below;

FOURPLAY - Official Theatrical Trailer from Kyle Henry on Vimeo.


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