WATCH: Singer Is 'Proud of Who I Am' in Stirring Antibullying Video

WATCH: Singer Is 'Proud of Who I Am' in Stirring Antibullying Video

Ray Isaac has released the music video for his latest single, “Who I Am,” which is sure to strike a chord with an LGBT audience.

In the video, the DJ and singer, wearing a torn T-shirt and a black rosary, vocalizes for being true to oneself in the face of opposition, be it in the form of bullying or the pressure to conform to please loved ones.

“I’m sick of being someone else for you,” Isaac sings in a room with exposed walls and children’s toys. “I will only find happiness when I’m proud of who I am.”

Isaac, a rising pop music star who equated his style to “a shot of Justin Timberlake into a David Guetta Jagerbomb” on his website, says the song is intended to be a strong statement against bullying.

"I believe music can heal those who have been bullied and shine a light on those who are the cause of it,” he says in a personal message at the end of the video. “I believe everyone has the right to equality, to harmony and to a peaceful existence. You are made perfect and you are beautiful just the way you are. I finally found happiness because I am proud of WHO I AM."

The song is the title track of Isaac’s latest album, which will be released May 20 in the United States. Watch the music video for “Who I Am” below.

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