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The 6 Resolutions All Gay Men Should Make

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Now, 2014 was a blast, but 2015 has all the makings to be the best ever. But before you go rolling your eyes at the idea of making yet another promise that you can’t keep, it’s time to rethink what it means to make a New Year’s resolution.

We've all lost track of the resolutions we've made at the beginning of each year. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t need to make it in the first place. This year, before making any resolutions, first resolve to recommit to your goals when you inevitably lose site of them. So put the champagne on ice and pucker up those lips, because it is time to ring in the New Year and make a toast to a better you.

These are the six resolutions all gay men should make.

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Focus less on the exterior and more on the interior.

No matter what your body shape or size is, we all can get caught up in the desire to look better. This relentless quest, however, can leave even the most aesthetically inclined feeling inadequate and empty. And no matter how hard you try, there will always be someone prettier, fitter, and younger than you.

This year, teach yourself to love and embrace the way you look, no matter how you may look at that moment. Whether you think you need to gain 10 pounds or lose 50, develop the voice inside of you that tells you how wonderful you are. No matter how hard you try, you will never be your ideal image of beauty until you realize that there is, in fact, no ideal image of beauty. So look in the mirror, fall in love with your imperfections and move on to more important things.


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