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WATCH: Ted Cruz Dodges CNN's Question About Antigay Pastor


Despite whining by Republicans running for president about "gotcha" questions from reporters and debate moderators, some journalists are sticking to their guns. 

CNN anchor Jake Tapper tried to pin down one candidate Thursday about his apparent double standard for intolerance: Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas. 

Cruz is set to join two fellow Republican presidential candidates in Iowa this weekend— former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal — at a conference organized by antigay pastor and activist Kevin Swanson. The gathering is billed as focusing on “religious liberties.” Read more about the conference here.

As Right Wing Watch reported, three of the conference’s scheduled speakers, including Swanson, support the death penalty for gays. Swanson is the same zealot who dubbed Disney's Frozen a "gay indoctrination film."

Swanson’s antigay rhetoric was the subject of the last question Tapper asked Sen. Cruz at the end of his interview Thursday. Tapper cited Cruz’s complaints about “liberal intolerance” and asked him to explain how, by appearing with Swanson he was not endorsing “conservative intolerance.”

Cruz dodged the question by claiming ignorance of Swanson’s record and launched right into his standard stump speech about how Christians are being persecuted, running out the clock as the program ended.

Watch this portion of CNN’s The Lead with Jake Tapper, below.

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