Gilead Sciences
launches antiretroviral education Web site

Drugmaker Gilead
Sciences on Tuesday launched a new Web site aimed at
educating HIV-positive people about advances in HIV
treatment, including information about newer
medications that could offer such benefits to HIVers
as reduced pill burden or fewer adverse side effects. The
Web site, at

includes a brief history of anti-HIV drugs,
streaming video, an interactive quiz, information on how
to manage antiretroviral-related side effects, and referrals
to local AIDS service organizations. Gilead officials
say they launched the Web site to mark the 10-year
anniversary of the combination HIV therapy era, which
began with the approval of the first protease inhibitor in
December 1995.

treatment today is a far cry from what most patients endured
when combination therapy was first introduced a decade
ago,” says Cal Cohen, clinical instructor at
Harvard Medical School, in a Gilead press release.
“Thanks to recent advances, effective treatment for
some patients can be as simple as two pills taken just
once a day. Unfortunately, misperceptions about
therapy still persist and educational resources like can help address this problem.”

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