Libyan AIDS case
set for retrial in May

foreign ministry says that the retrial of five Bulgarian
nurses under sentence of death for intentionally infecting
hospitalized Libyan children with HIV will begin on
May 11. The nurses, who were arrested in 1999 and
sentenced in 2004, have maintained their innocence.
Libya's supreme court threw out the death sentences on
December 25 and ordered a retrial. Shortly before the
ruling, U.S., European, Bulgarian, and Libyan
negotiators reached a deal to set up a nongovernmental
fund to aid the families of the 426 HIV-infected
children. Bulgaria had rejected the suggestion that it pay
compensation to the families, saying this would imply the
nurses were guilty. Feim Chaushev, Bulgaria's foreign
minister, said the retrial will have a "just" outcome.
"The Bulgarian nurses will return home by the end of
September, if not earlier," he said. (AP)

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