Study shows
Lexiva is comparable to Kaletra

A new study
released this week by GlaxoSmithKline and Vertex
Pharmaceuticals shows that their HIV protease inhibitor
Lexiva, when boosted with Norvir, is comparable to
Abbott Laboratories’ Kaletra, one of the most
widely used anti-HIV medications in developed nations.
Kaletra already includes a booster dose of Norvir in the
same pill with its other active ingredient lopinavir.
The study showed that 73% of HIV patients taking
Norvir-boosted Lexiva suppressed HIV levels after 48
weeks of treatment. Seventy-one percent of study subjects
taking Kaletra had suppressed virus at 48 weeks. All
of the study subjects were also taking Ziagen and
Epivir during the study. (The Advocate)

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