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Study: 10% of gay
men in London use meth

Study: 10% of gay
men in London use meth

Researchers at City University in London report in the online edition of the journal Addiction that about 10% of gay men in London have used crystal methamphetamine, a popular and highly addictive club drug, reports. And mirroring what researchers have discovered in U.S. studies, the London report indicates that many of the men using the drug reported having unprotected sex while under its influence.

The study data has alarmed U.K. health authorities, who note that U.S. studies have shown gay meth users are as much as three times more likely to be HIV-positive that nonusers and that meth users are significantly more likely to engage in risky sex, often with multiple partners, than gay men who don't use the drug.

The London study included 700 gay men, 400 of whom were also HIV-positive. Meth use was reported by 13% of the HIV-positive men and by 8% of the HIV-negative men. About 90% of the meth users also reported using other illicit drugs, including cocaine, ecstasy, and ketamine. (The Advocate)

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