New Rehab
Resource Created for LGBT People

A new
online drug rehabilitation resource has been launched
this year specifically for LGBT people:

The website
(launched by Freedom Rings, a component of
Florida's Lakeview Health Systems) provides access to
"immediate consultation for alcoholism, drug
addiction, eating disorders, and co-occurring

The site offers
myriad services, such as detox, drug rehabilitation,
partial hospitalization, outpatient addiction treatment,
prevention planning, and duel diagnosis treatment.

Dual diagnosis,
also known as co-occurring disorder, is defined by a
person's suffering from a psychological or emotional
disorder in addition to their addictions. It is
present in up to 70% of addicts. Both addiction and
psychiatric disorders have are more frequent among

In addition to
its information and treatment programs for dual diagnosis,
the site also provides a gay-friendly atmosphere to boost
the effectiveness of the program.

"The vast
majority of the gay and lesbian community would derive
greater benefit from a gay-friendly drug rehab program, one
that incorporates quality drug addiction treatment
with 'real world' interaction," according to the site.
"We use the words 'gay friendly' to describe a drug
rehab program that has addiction treatment staff...who
have dealt with their experiences of prejudice and
homophobic attitudes."

The organization
says that while drug or alcohol addictions may be the
initial reason people check into rehab, it's "shame, sexual
abuse, low self-worth, internalized homophobia, or
feelings concerning sexual preference that, if not
addressed, would bring you back." (The

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