Senate Moves on
$50 Billion AIDS Bill

The Senate
this week will move ahead with a $50 billion AIDS
initiative that has the support of Democrats, Republicans,
and the White House, reports The New York

The bill is
opposed, however, by Republican U.S. senator Jim DeMint of
South Carolina. DeMint forced the Senate last week to take a
Friday evening procedural vote in order to begin
debate on the bill. He then missed the vote he had
instigated, resulting in members on the floor booing
the senator.

DeMint is
scheduled to offer a proposal to reduce the five-year cost
of the legislation to $35 billion.

The current bill
seeks to step up AIDS treatment and prevention efforts
in Africa, Asia, and elsewhere.

Eventual approval
appears likely given strong bipartisan support and the
approval of President Bush. (The Advocate)

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