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Kat Cunning Elides Gender in Steamy Video for "Supernova PVRIS Remix"

Kat Cunning

The nonbinary musician, actor, and dancer leans into their masculine and feminine sides. 

Nonbinary musician, actor, and dancer Kat Cunning earlier this year released the kinetic video for their song "Supernova [tigers blud]," which highlights their singing, songwriting, dancing, and storytelling prowess. Now Cunning is back with two remixes of the song -- one a churned-down acoustic version and the other the "PVRIS Remix," which boasts an infectiously danceable retro beat. The new video for the latter, directed by Katia Tempkin, taps into Cunning's spectacular range of gender presentation.

In a release about the new video and the remix for "Supernova PVRIS Remix," Cunning said in a statement:

"I'm so excited to bring you this remix done by Lynn Gunn of PVRIS who took the time to understand what the song means to me. Lynn said, 'I wanted to channel Kat's masculine side and give Kat their 80's heartthrob on a motorcycle moment.' I think she did just that. She lowered my voice (in honor of my non-binary gender identity) and gave it an environment that sounds like the story of risk and astral magic in the romance I wrote about. I think this remix/reimagination unlocks something really important about the song and who I am as an artist."

This summer, The Advocate spoke with Cunning about their identity, music and acting career, which includes having starred in the HBO series The Deuce.

"I took my own time to choose my own battles for when I made sure people understood my pronouns," Cunning said. "I also think the other really safe way to do it is to tell a couple of people you feel close to and that you trust to honor that and work on that and see how it feels.

"Coming out is so daunting. To come out about a proclivity or a preference sexually is so much, not to say easier, but it's less of an every single sentence sort of deal.

"When you come out as nonbinary, if you also are choosing different pronouns, it's an everyday communication. And it's a multiple-times communication if that is what makes you feel seen."

Watch "Supernova PVRIS Remix" below. And as a bonus, listen to Cunning's version of "O Holy Night" ahead of the holidays here.

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